Eat Me, Drink Me…well…just Drink Me – Mansinthe


Country of origin: Switzerland
Distillery: Matter Luginbühl
LCBO price: Not available from LCBO, but is through
Neat colour: My perception was a bit tainted, as the ambient lighting was green, but it looked like a very, very pale emerald. It almost looked clear to my eye.
Neat aroma: Sweet and almost floral. Well-balanced in its use of herbs and very pleasing.
Neat taste: I got a lot of anise from it, with very little burn to it. Surprisingly smooth.
Louched colour: Louche arrived slowly, but when it came, it was a pale white, somewhat like a liquid pearl.
Louched aroma: I could smell almost nothing.
Louched taste: Smooth. very smooth, in fact. A delicately-balanced flavour with a bitter finish. Lovely.

Even though it’s photoshopped, Vinnie approves

A few years ago, circa his Holy Wood album, I saw this picture of Marilyn Manson. So he’s an absinthe drinker, is he? What else is new?

I’ve always been an on-and-off fan of Manson’s. The personality he projects is one of those that sometimes feeds, sometimes gets in the way of the art he produces. When he got his naughty little hands into an absinthe distillery, however, I had to keep from rolling my eyes.

Then I had the chance to try it.

I was astonished at how good this stuff is. My absinthe exposure remains limited, but I still found this to be the smoothest, most unoffensive absinthe I have ever had.  The flavour has no real violence to it, it’s bitterness is present, but is more of a tour guide than an attraction. In the end, its buzz sits almost politely in one’s head.

Bottom line: this is a delightful, pleasant drink. Not the sort of thing one would expect bearing Manson’s name. I would have thought it would have tasted profoundly bittersweet with hints of things morally questionable.

To my lack of surprise and my indignation, it is not available in Canada. To my delight, it’s available through, who ships to Canada, which is fortuitous, as I am going to have to make this a regular part of my absinthe board.

Vinnie (even though he wasn’t there to enjoy it himself) approves.

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