“I’m still here, miss.”*

Hello, children.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m still here.

Currently, I am scrambling to complete a rather complicated piece of art for an upcoming art show I am having in Waterloo, Ontario. That being said, I do have 2 interviews ready to be turned into articles. The first will be with my friend, the rather brilliant artist Vincent Marcone (AKA My Pet Skeleton) on his film work, his visual history and his musical projects. The other one…well, we’ll just keep everyone in suspense for that one. What’s more, there are going to be a handful of new absinthe reviews coming up as well (imagine that, an absinthe blog that actually writes about absinthe!), so stay tuned, folks.!

* For those who don’t know, the title is one of Humphrey Bogart’s lines from “The African Queen”. I always loved Bogie’s wit.


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