A Thinking Man’s Absinthe – Duplais Verte

Absinthe Duplais Verte

Country of origin: Switzerland
Distillery: Matter Luginbühl
LCBO price: Not available through LCBO.
Neat colour: A pale emerald. This is the perfect theatrical colour for asinthe which, while beautiful to the eye, does make me wonder how it got that way.
Neat aroma: Sadly, I stuck my nose in the glass at just the wrong angle and got a waft of alcohol which set my right nostril on fire, figuratively speaking. After that settled down, I noticed a sweet, herbal smell. Strong anise, but not overpowering. Beautifully balanced.
Neat taste: Instantly warm. Strong anise with the intake of breath, with the attendant wormwood bitterness. Tastes a little sweet. I may regret using a sugar cube.
Louched colour: The first few drops of water brought a pair of trails. The louche itself is a prominent pale olive with the usual opalescence. Not quite glowing, but beautiful.
Louched aroma: No alcohol smell, and the herbs are all still present. The mere scent of this makes my mouth water.
Louched taste: Divine and floral, like taking a sip from a stream in Elysium, yet distinctly earthy. The bitterness is present, but not opressive. Instead, it works in harmony with the herbal flavours. Exquisite!

Vinnie approves. Profusely.

In my idle moments, when I am not working on art or something blog-related, I browse for two things: Victorian-era clothing and absinthe. The name Duplais has come up repeatedly in my searches for new absinthes to try and I was recently gifted by a friend with a small bottle of their verte absinthe, along with a few other morsels.

So this is what good absinthe tastes like in the rest of the world, eh? It’s utterly refreshing and, even though its flavour is potent, I would say it stops well-short of being robust, which is a good thing in this case. It’s also not surprising when coming from the same distillery that makes Mansinthe. Instead it presents a delicious yet not-so-delicate jewel in the glass. It’s a down-to-earth work of art.

The buzz from it sits beautifully at the base of the skull. It almost feels as though it’s cradling my cerebellum in a way. This is one of those absinthes that you drink when you make art or engage in philosophical discourse, provided you don’t drink so much of it that your hands become useless and your tongue becomes clumsy. In fact, I think once this review is done, I’m going to throw on some Naked City and work on one of my digital paintings.

Vinnie doesn’t just approve. Vinnie wants to have the distiller’s babies.


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