Happy National Absinthe Day!


It’s March the 5th again and I am sadly working late tonight to the point that I won’t even have the chance for a glass of “medicinal green” to commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of absinthe. Still I have to take the opportunity to say a few quick words.

As most students of absinthe history know, the ban itself came about both through the efforts of the French wine trade and the Temperance Movement to counter the threat of the growing rise of absinthe and from the fallout of supply and demand making absinthe so cheap it cost less than a loaf of bread. Treachery and greed know no limits and have no rules. That’s why they’re treachery and greed.

Never forget to question the accusations of those who condemn, children. It’s what separates the humans from the herd.

Even though I only have coffee on hand at the office, here’s a toast to clarity of vision and to liberty. Sante!


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