Coming soon….

Hello everyone. 

So, several months ago, I went in with several of my online absinthe friends  in purchasing a century-old bottle of Junod. Vinnie and I shot a video review for it. Sadly, the quality of the video was somewhat sub-standard, as I later discovered. Pity, since that was not only my first taste of a pre-ban absinthe, but a taste of something very old and very special.

Well, I have a second chance. The same bunch of guys went in on a bottle of Pernod Fils, again 100+ years old. I got my sample a few weeks ago, but then promptly got sick and didn’t have it in me to try it. Well, I’m feeling better now, so Vinnie and I are going to try it again this weekend. Oh yeah, and Vinnie will be talking now.

I also have received a ton of other samples from a friend of mine in Europe which will need reviewing, to say nothing of a few bottles I acquired from All in all lots of material to work with.

So, stay tuned, friends! Some fun stuff coming up.


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