…a note on our reviews…

The reviews posted on this page, as of the starting point of the blog, are not based on a rating scale. When the day comes when we can get enough material in to warrant a rating scale, we’ll revise the reviews accordingly. Until such time, they are according to a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” approach.

Specifically, it will be “Vinnie approved” or “Vinnie disapproved”.

Vinnie dwells here, in Gruesome Manor with my love and I. He has been a long-standing companion of mine for many years. He has given me insight into my artwork, coached me in my culinary activities and listened intently to my ramblings. He even gives me the final word on the absinthes I drink. He is also an exceptionally good bartender, croquet player and dancer.

The individual elements of the reviews will refer to the colour, scent and taste when both neat (IE: straight) and louched (a louche is the cloudiness that occurs when you add water to an alcohol that has terpinoids in it, like Ouzo or, of course, absinthe).

If anyone has any concerns or disagreements concerning my reviews, feel free to express them (politely!) either privately or publicly, although the former is much preferred.


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